• Pastrami and Brisket

    For the first time for myself and for the office as a whole, Damon’s Steak House was had. It was a true lunch revolution for the office and Damon’s may become a regular lunch staple. I tried their pastrami #1 sandwich and their bbq brisket sandwich. The only thing you need to know about their fries is they don’t travel well. If you want a potato side with your take-out, go with their chips.

    Their pastrami #1 had thick slices of pastrami, mustard, pickles, and swiss cheese on rye bread. It’s definitely some of the better pastrami I have had in LA and comes pretty close to Billy’s. The pastrami is cut into what I would almost call chunks instead of slices, very tender and pretty well flavored, but it lacks a bit of the smokiness I like in other pastramis. The pickles are also thick, crinkle-cut dill rounds. And I love me some pickles, so having all that pickle on the sandwich was great. The sandwich seemed to be slathered in mustard, yet it wasn’t overpowering. Just enough mustard flavor to highlight the pastrami. The cheese was an afterthought and I don’t know that I could really taste it. Next time I get it I might ask them to hold the cheese as it seemed unnecessary. If you stop by there for lunch, try this sandwich. I know I will be having it again and again.

    I wasn’t as impressed by the brisket as I was the pastrami. The brisket was a bit dry for my liking, but it had a good amount of fat and smokiness. The bbq sauce was also a little too sweet for me. It also came with the same kind of pickles as the pastrami sandwich, which, like i said before, was great, and also cole slaw, which was the right kind of sweet for cole slaw and it kind of saved the brisket. If you like your brisket dry with sweet bbq sauce I would recommend this sandwich, but I don’t know if I will be getting it again any time soon.

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    Damon’s Steak House
    317 North Brand Bvd
    Glendale, CA 91203-2338
    (818) 507-1510

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