• Mario’s!

    It’s been over a month since the office has been to Mario’s, so today I decided to go with the classic spicy combo. For those who are new, it had spicy ham, spicy salami, spicy sopressata, lettuce, tomatos, onions, cheese and a mustard/mayo mix. We all decided to get it the way of the Mack. Take the middle piece of bread out and add pepperoncinis. 

    It was good to be back. The sandwich was amazing. Mario’s seems to be able to do no wrong when it comes to that classic spicy combo. The meat is quality deli meat, the vegetables taste fresh and the bread is light yet able to contain the potential mess inside. It’s just a really good sandwich. One I highly recommend. Definitely in my top sandwiches of Los Angeles and probably the best sandwich in Glendale.

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    Mario’s Italian Deli & Market
    740 East Broadway
    Glendale, CA 91205
    (818) 242-4114

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