• Yesterday’s Sandwich

    Yesterday’s sandwich never has the same bite. It all comes down to the loss of freshness and the sogginess of the bread. As good as it yesterday, today it always seems lacking.

    Now, even with the lack of freshness the taste may still be good, I won’t go as far as great because you still do lose something because bread doesn’t do its best in the fridge. It all depends on whether the meat, cheese and condiments hold up. And because of the quality of meat, cheese and condiments Mario’s uses the sandwich held up.

    I didn’t mind the soggy bread or the wilting of the lettuce because the flavor was still there. It still had the tanginess of the mustard/mayo, the spiciness and saltiness of the cured meats and the mellowness of the cheese. I would venture to guess that a Mario’s sandwich could last a couple of days in a fridge and still taste good. Which just goes to show you they know how to construct a good sandwich.

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    Mario’s Italian Deli & Market
    740 East Broadway
    Glendale, CA 91205
    (818) 242-4114

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