• Damon’s Patty Melt

    First of all, I have to get this out of the way. A couple of coworkers and I went to Damon’s for lunch and the hostess asked us if we would like to sit in the main area or upstairs. Not ever having gone upstairs it was quickly decided that we should try it. As we walked, one of my coworkers asked if there were windows upstairs to which the hostess replied, “Yes.” We walk up a small ramp and she turns to us and was like here we are. There was no upstairs, just a mezzanine at best. You cannot call a short ramp walk up ‘the upstairs’, that’s just ridiculous. Also, no windows.

    Damon’s patty melt came with grilled onions and swiss and american cheese. The beef was juicy, tender and almost perfectly seasoned. There was a little too much pepper for my liking. The cheese was gooey and the onions were just a touch short of being done, but I didn’t mind that. The bread was toasted well and had a bit of a buttery flavor.

    The fries were a bit soggy and needed seasoning. I would have to look through the archives, but I do believe I did not like their fries all that much the last time I got them due to sogginess. But I thought that was just because I forced them to travel and did not consume them fresh. But that didn’t matter, soggy travel and soggy fresh.

    I think I could get used to changing up my pulled pork sessions with a patty melt. Maybe. No, I like the pulled pork too much. Pulled pork it is.

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    Damon’s Steak House
    317 North Brand Bvd
    Glendale, CA 91203-2338
    (818) 507-1510

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